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“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.”
–Torrie T. Asai
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We are an Experienced Website developer and graphic designer team with more then 6 years experience in these fields.

-OUR services-

  1. We provide you a full control over your website Cpanel and hosting so that you can upgrade or cancel your website at any time ..Other web development companies always tell you that they will host your website for you so that you remain stuck with them all your life.
  2. We provide an ongoing website maintenance for you .
  3. WE will always be here for you and you can have my email and whatsapp  number for any assistance  at any time.
  4. WE usually guide our customers on how to maintain their website by themselves and upload products ,courses and so on..So that we will save you a fortune in paying a development company to do it for you.
  5. If you need our help to update and maintain the website for you ,we surely can do it for a very low price.
  6. AS a free bonus to all of my customers you are free to choose one of these premium themes to be used on your website for free.Pick your free premium theme from our shop

-How it works-

-Our latest Projects-

“I simply cannot thank Phlera enough for the wonderful work he has done. He was extremely accurate and professional. He went above and beyond to designed the website so beautifully in less than a day. In short, he was simply wonderful to work with. Thanks again, Phlera 🙂 Look forward to working with you in the future!”

-Our Portfolio-

Website designing and development

E learning websites with high degree of video security


Book covers

T-shirts and Dresses designs

Branding (Logo, Poster, Business cards)


-Our Testimonial-


By simply filling in this website development form and we will Email you the final price .

We reassure you many people out there have no idea about it.For a simple guide on the whole process kindly follow this link 

You can get your domain and hosting from one of the most trusted companies listed below..If you need any help please get in touch through my Email,contact form or live chat box.

Absolutely no upfront cost is needed only you have to provide us with your domain name and hosting . 

Please rest assured that you can always reach us via my Email at any time and we would be delighted to give you a hand..

You can fill in this form and we can design a beautiful logo for you for only 15$

It varies according to your requirement..But it takes approximately from 5-10 days.  

Of course you can .It is a simple drag and drop process

"We would be delighted to hear from you soon"

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